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1. Introduction to the Ph.D. Program in Medical Biotechnology

The Ph.D. program in Medical Biotechnology at Taipei Medical University provides students to build professions to be an advanced level medical technologist, clinical research coordinator/associate, research and development (R&D) professionals, and bio-medical researcher. In addition to continuing basic medical research, the Ph.D. Program is collaborated with clinical and industrial institutes. Through the collaborations, the Ph.D. Program will train biotechnological and biomedical research experts and develop innovative diagnosis reagents and biotechnological products. Our team of research professionals is majorly focus on following research area.

Introduction to the Ph.D. Program in Medical Biotechnology

2. Curriculum Introduction

The total credits for graduate: 30, including 24 required credits, including 12 credits of Ph.D. thesis, 4 credits of "Seminar", and 8 credits of required elective courses, and 6 elective credits. Elective courses conducted 4 credits in other Colleges are recognized.

Curriculum Introduction

Contact person : Yung-Feng Lin, Ph.D.
Office phone number : (02) 2736-1661 #3321
Office : Room 104