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The School of Medical Laboratory Science and Biotechnology (MLSB) provides pluralism and sturdy medical science, clinical discipline and biotechnology correlated curriculums and experiment trainings. School guides students studying the serial courses. In addition, the students sre encouraged to develop the second specialty in accordance with the individual interest.

The alumni of the school are numerous and practical training hospitals spread all over the most medical centers in Taipei. Students can choose the suitable hospital to practice with the adequate consideration and assistance by numerous alumni of our department affiliated in most medical centers. In addition, the resources of the medical laboratory departments within TMU Healthcare System are beneficial for the clinical practice of MLSB students.

The School of MLSB recruits five Professors, one Associate Professor, six Assistant Professors and three Teachers participate in the teaching and scientific research. Diverse research of biomedicine and biotechnology are drastically encouraged, accompanying with the establishment of various software and hardware facilities in recent years. Senior faculties havevery excellent research attainments in their expert fields. The graduate program provides related courses and experimental training to equip the students for participating in the specified and quality research.