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Founded in 1965, the School of Medical Technology in Taipei Medical College is a leading pioneer in medical laboratory science in Taiwan. As heading to the fifth decade, the school not only cultivates numerous medical technologists with scientific perspective and well discipline, but also prepares talented students for biotechnical industry and biomedical research. The School was renamed to Medical Laboratory Science and Biotechnology (MLSB) in 2006 and consolidated to the College of Medical Science and Technology in 2011.

The Master program was founded in 1987, aiming to educate students for advanced biomedical research, development of medical examination and biotechnical application. The faculty members of MLSB are expert in translational medicine including cancer biology, microbiology, immunology, reproductive medicine, mitochondrial medicine, neuronal pathology, cellular detoxification and RNA metabolism. Topics on biotechnology include biomaterial development, biochips, patent mapping, and industrial analysis.

Recognizing the current trend of educational internationalization, MLSB set up the International Master Program (IMP) in 2010, in order to attract gifted students around the globe for advanced and inter-disciplinary studies. IMP offers two vacancies with scholarship opportunities every academic year. All curricula are conducted in English. A Bachelor degree in a field related to biomedical sciences is required for the admission. IMP is an exciting and intellectual community that provides students with tremendous opportunities for academic career and personal achievement.