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  1. Enrollment after the 2020 academic year (inclusive): At least 30 credits must be completed, including 18 compulsory credits (including 6 credits for the master's thesis) and 12 elective credits (must be recognized as the courses of the master's program on campus)
  2. Foreign students who study the courses of the master's and doctoral programs of this school can receive elective credits of the department.

Review of thesis plan:

  1. Postgraduates of the master's degree program must submit their personal thesis or technical report plan according to the prescribed time schedule, which shall be reviewed and approved by the committee.
    • Those who are to be graduated from the next semester shall submit their plan before October 31 of each year.
    • Those who graduated last semester shall submit their plans before April 30 each year.

Degree examination:

  1. Master students (except in-service education program and foreign students) need to pass the "Graduate English Certification" of our school for graduation.
  2. Upload the certification of at least one report, in the form of oral or poster, in conference to the Academic Affairs system.
  3. Upload the certification of participation of academic lectures and seminars on the Academic Affairs system. (Enrollment before September 2022 (inclusive) need at least 24 hours. Enrollment after September 2023 (inclusive) need at least 36 hours.).
  4. For technical students: Those who obtain a degree with a technical report must first complete the biomedical industry internship course and submit the preliminary draft of the technical report, which will be reviewed by a committee composed of three to five persons appointed by the head of the department, and the degree exam can only be applied after passing the review.
  5. For all master students: After passing the degree oral examination, the opinions of the committee members shall be gathered, and the thesis or technical report shall be revised, and then submitted to the school to apply for the degree certificate.