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English Singing Competition of the Academy of Medical Sciences

Posted by : mlsb/ Announcement date : 2021-04-29

The highly anticipated first English Singing Competition of the Academy of Medical Sciences is here!!
We will hold the competition on 5/18 (Tuesday) 18:00 at 3102. This competition is divided into individual and group. There is no registration fee and the bonus is generous!!!
The first place in each group is NT$5,000, the second place is NT$3,000, and the third place is NT$2,000. The remaining groups will receive a participation prize.
All teachers, students, and faculty members of medical schools are welcome to register for the competition
Notes for registration:
This competition is the "English Singing Competition". Participants are required to prepare English songs. Mandarin, Taiwanese, Cantonese, Japanese and other languages ​​are not accepted.
Participants: All teachers and students of medical colleges can register, no registration fee is required!!
Divided into individual and group (2-5 people), each group is expected to receive ten groups.
The registration time is from 12:00 pm on 4/27 (Tuesday) to 5:00 pm on 5/7 (Friday), and the deadline will be early if the quota is full.
The admission list and admission notice will be announced on 5/10 (Monday) in the fanpage of the Department of Medical Technology, and a E-mail will be sent to each group of participants. Please pay close attention to the mailbox at that time.
Piano and drum sets will be prepared on site, and other musical instruments are requested to be prepared by contestants.
There is no teleprompter for this English singing competition, please remember to memorize the words.
Participants should prepare in advance the karaoke version files of the tunes they want to sing (that is, remove the vocals)
The scoring items of the individual  include: intonation, emotion, technique and English pronunciation
The scoring items of the group include: intonation(harmony), technique, completeness, and English pronunciation
This registration is online: https://forms.gle/wyaXCw8i1nerWTTq7
contact person:
Li Yi Xuan 0972997300
Chang Ting Yu 0975525822
Zan Yue Ting 0928433405

English Singing Competition of the Academy of Medical Sciences

Update Time : 2021/04/29 AM 09:37:36

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